Company history

Canadian company specialized in the maintenance of heavy vehicles for more than 30 years, we design and manufacture side guards for semi-trailers, cube/box trucks and buses to increase protection of road users of Canada and the United
States. Safety and the contribution to greenhouse gas reduction are at the heart of each of our achievements.

In collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke, a wind tunnel tests was accomplished to validate the fuel economy of FORTIER’s side guard. The results were conclusive.

PHSS Fortier targets Blainville’s speedway to obtain their homologation for the Ecocamionnage program from Quebec’s Green Fund.

In collaboration with Manac, a semitrailer manufacturer, PHSS Fortier pushed the testing of its lateral protection to establish the rigidity and flexibility of the product. Our goal, to determine if our product had the potential to stop a vehicle. Results, the quasi-statistic gave a significant energy absorption with little deformation. PHSS Fortier continues its efforts to increase safety of our routes.

PHSS Fortier officially obtained their  American and Canadian patent for FORTIER’s side guard.

In 2019, Vicky Bilodeau joins PHSS Fortier.  Her roll, to develop sales and marketing for FORTIER’S side guard.